In this video I show you how to use the basic keyword search features in ShopGenius. We look at searches for “Free Shipping” where the text appears within the adverts. Followed by a keyword search for “Cats”

I then add the keyword Dogs and show how to search for cats or dogs using the pipe character cats | dogs I then go a slightly more advanced and show how we can search the keyword term “model number:” where it appears on Shopify store landing pages.

This is really useful for dropshippers doing product research who can then simply paste the model numbers into Aliexpress.

Keyword Search Filters:

✅ UK & USA Facebook Adverts

✅ Mobile – Desktop – Tablet

✅ Newsfeed – Right hand side

✅ Time Period – Last 24hrs – Last Week – Last 30 Days – Last 3 Months – Last 12 Months

✅ Gender – Male / Female

✅ Media Type – Images – Videos – Slideshow

✅ Age Range