Welcome to ShopGenius

Hopefully we can help answer some of your questions below. Should you have a specific question not listed here, please use our support ticket system located to the bottom right of this screen.

Question: What is ShopGenius ?

ShopGenius is a cloud based Facebook ads spy tool. The tool has been created to show you examples of Facebook ads run by ecommerce stores.

Question: Which Geographic Locations Do You Cover ?

We currently have advert data for UK (United Kingdom) and USA (United States of America)

Question: What Kind Of Ads Does ShopGenius Have ?

All the ads we display are Sponsored Ads eg. The advertiser has paid to display them. Most of the ads are dark posts, that is to say that these ads are not publicly displayed on the advertisers Facebook page.

Question: Do You Have Mobile Advert Data ?

About 80% of the ads are from mobile devices, which is inline with Facebook's usage statistics.

About 85% of ads are Newsfeed ads, with the remainder being Right Hand ads (displayed on desktop and tablet only).

Question: What Are "Tracked Clicks" ?

Tracked clicks is a way of sorting your search results. When an advertiser uses a certain type of link shortner (currently bit.ly or goo.gl) ShopGenius is able to track the exact number of clicks that have gone through that link. The ads are sorted by those with the highest number of clicks.

This is incredibly useful information, and can provide more details on country targeting and device, as well as other possible traffic sources. ShopGenius updates the statistics for as long as we keep seeing the ad and then a further 7 days. We provide a link to the live statistics on the ad details page should you need further information.

Only about 10% of advertisers uses link shortners, so when you select this option, you will reduce the number of possible search results by 90%

Question: Can ShopGenius Find Ecommerce (Shopify) and Dropshipping Adverts ?

Yes, we have created a filter button which detects Shopify and Magento websites, making it simple to find the adverts

Question: How Do I Sign Up ?

Click on the pricing link at the top of this page. Select your price plan and complete your details. You will get instant access to the members area following successful payment.

We accept payment by all Major Credit Cards.

We do not accept Paypal Payments.