How To Spy On Other Shopify Stores Using ShopGenius

In this video I’ll show you how easy it is to spy on other Shopify stores using the ShopGenius Spy Tool.

Using the keyword search I type in Earrings and then set the advanced filter to Shopify Stores. This returns the relevant ads, I then sort the results to show the most recent adverts.

I repeat the process and search for “rings” this time I click on the “Details” button and view the stats and advertisers landing page along with tracking pixels and external links like Instagram.

I then took a look at the timeline view of all adverts we have seen from this advertisier.

This is a great way to do product reasearch for your Shopify store. You’ll be able to find recents ads in your niche and check the popularity by viewing the likes and comments.

Search Filters Used:

✅ Keyword Search: We used Earrings and Rings

✅ Website Type: Shopify

✅ Most Recent : We sorted the adverts by most recent

✅ Details : We looked at the details and statistics for the advert