If you’re considering starting a Shopify store for dropshipping, or you already do, you’ll want to read this. Dropshipping is an increasingly popular way of selling products online and it’s a great way to get started with e-commerce in 2019.

You probably know this but just in case. Drop shipping is when a third party supplier like AliExpress fulfills the orders from your store. You handle the ecommerce store using a platfrom like Shopify, produce the marketing using for example Facebook ads, and customer support, but you don’t need to invest in or hold any inventory yourself.

You never want to leave your product research up to chance. Online ad spy tools like ShopGenius help you scan through thousands of current paid for social adverts in order to find products which are popular, and actually selling.

Manually searching for competitors adverts on social sites like Facebook is feasible if you have one or two products, although this could still prove to be difficult and time-consuming as your competitors can have multiple pages and accounts for their stores..

In fact in the middle of 2018 Facebook added more transparency to what ads pages are running by adding a new info ads link. This page shows (current) ads being run by a page (store) and is a great way to spy on FB ads for free.

You must take into account the amount of time and energy you would need to spend, manually searching for adverts, adding data to spreadsheets and creating reports. An ad spy tool such as ShopGenius will do the hard work for you.

Although we would like it to be, ShopGenius is not a push button formula for finding winning dropshipping products for your Shopify store, but it will give you the ideas and inspiration you need to get started.

How you ask? Well you can simply scroll through adverts and when you find something you like the look of you can save the adverts to you collection and start to follow all adverts from this store (advertiser).

To make it simpler we manually tag adverts and stores into popular tags (categories). This gives you the option to click on popular tags like fashion, technology, beauty, home, jewellery, gadgets, watches, pets, t-shirts, supplements etc.. and instantly see product ideas.

The keyword search enables you to search not only text in the advert but also for text on the website landing page. This is super powerful because generally advert text does not contain the keyword or the model number of the product where as the landing page might have the actual model number of the product.

This is very common for Shopify stores who use automatic product import tools to import product listings direct from AliExpress etc.. Most of these tools import the same information and although store owners change the product title and description they tend not to change the product / sku codes.

These are just some of the benefits and features of how using ShopGenius ad spy tool can get you on the fast track to finding great products for your dropshipping store in 2019.